Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Painted shoes (1)

Spring has finally arrived, with soaring temperatures of up to 21 C last weekend! It's time for gardening, lounging on our patio, cycling and....playing golf! I'd never thought I would love this game so much, but I guess it all has to do with the fact that it's a ball game (I used to play tennis and hockey), it's outdoors in beautiful surroundings and it's very sociable because you play with different people every time. The only problem I have with it is that their "fashion" is not very exciting and sometimes too traditional to my liking. Especially the shoes are boring even though some brands have started to create shoes in other colours than just black and white. So, a new idea was born; I would just paint my shoes in the colours and design I like! Well, that meant doing some internet research and finding the right paint and procedure to get (and keep) the best quality. The Fat Buddha online store gave me the right input.

Here's the result:

Glowy Golden ©Fenfolio 2011

Today I wore them for the first time and although my golf friends knew I was going to paint my shoes, they couldn't believe I had done it when they saw them. They thought I just bought them new in a store! Well, they made my day of course. Will this mean other ladies dare to get their shoes painted and set a trend? I'll just have to wait and see! At least I know that soon I will be busy painting my other pair of shoes in a different colour.

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