Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Art Studio

It took about 5 months all together but my art studio is now finished! With thanks to my lovely supporting husband who stripped the bothy, made frames for the walls and insulated them, put in new plasterboard, made the shelves and hung the lights and roller blinds. I painted the walls, ceiling and furniture. We only used a taper for finishing off the walls, a plumber to connect our old kitchen unit and an electricien for the wiring.

Front of bothy/art studio with new door and window

Hubby working hard for me!

Insulation is in place

Walls have been professionally taped

Pimping my old yellow bookcase

I used special crackle glaze to create this effect on my furniture

What a transformation! With the new electric heating it's also very cosy inside, just in time before the winter comes.

Lots of storage and plenty of space to create art

More storage for my mixed media materials

New vinyl floor

View towards house

The office chair will soon be reupholstered by myself

Shortened and pimped old kitchen unit

Leftover tiles from sunlounge as splashboard

Nice light even when the rollerblinds are down

Right after the studio was finished I had my first visitor; my father who wanted to learn more about how to use mixed media in paintings during a two day one-to-one workshop I organised!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Art workshops (2)

During my NEOS exhibition I received a lot of interest in my upcoming art workshops. The mixed media art workshop "Text & Texture" took place last week and was fully booked. In the morning I set up the big room in The Creamery with working tables for the participants and to display the various art materials we would be using. Just before 10 am I welcomed the six ladies with a cup of coffee or tea. The age varied from 35 to 75 years old. Some were complete beginners, others had already some painting experience. Some were relaxed, others a bit nervous. With my introduction talk in which I told them it was all about experimenting, enjoying the creative journey, keeping an open mind and not having a picture in the mind they were all relaxed and keen to start. Showing them the creative quote I'm inspired by and which I used in one of my own art pieces really got through them;

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.”
(Mary Lou Cook) 

Then I explained all about the various materials; acrylic paint, ink, stamps, stencils, embossing machine, handmade paper, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, vintage music sheets, fabric remnants and leftovers from material packaging.

Display of various papers

It was as if they were kids in a sweetshop, they were sooo excited! One of the participants was even in her own world and "diving" in all the baskets while I was explaining. Just wonderful to so much enthusiasm.

After choosing a quote they are inspired by (a handout was given with a selection of quotes but they could also use their own or just even words) and various collage materials, they set off their creative journey. With a short lunch break everyone worked very hard, in their own speed and very focussed on their project.

Artists at work

Artists at work

Finished art piece by one of the participants

After 4 hours most had (almost) finished their piece and it was time to take some photos of the proud artists with their creation. The feedback I receivedafterwards was overwhelming, thank you so much ladies!! The next workshop planned on the 2nd of December is now already fully booked with other participants and the weekly course I'm starting in January has almost three full groups!

Proud artists with their art piece