Thursday, 11 May 2017

Artistic Explorations: Papercutting (2)

Spring is in full swing here and weeks are flying past before you know it! It's been a while since I posted here but all for a good reason. Since the end of last year I have been working (on and off) on a papercut commission for a friend. Last week I delivered the two pieces.

Before I started my work we discussed what kind of design and colours she wanted it to have. For the dining room she wanted to have a botanical design ( in the colours deep red/orange/yellow to fit with a sofa there. For the living room she wanted to have something that would suit the current colour scheme cerulean blue/turquoise/sepia and coastal theme.

Here I have started cutting out my design for the large piece "Botanical Patterns Red/Orange/Yellow", 92 x 67 cm.

Cutting out my design ©Fenfolio2017

Once finished I laid it on coloured paper to see all was fine.

Botanical Patterns papercut on brown paper ©Fenfolio2017

Then I painted the papercut with Golden High Flow Acrylics in the colours red, orange and yellow.

Botanical Patterns Red/Orange/Yellow ©Fenfolio2017

Close-up Botanical Patterns Red/Orange/Yellow ©Fenfolio2017

The second piece was smaller and a new design all together. After I made a few sketches and played with some patterns I decided on this design for "Coastal Patterns", 50 x 37 cm.

Coastal Patterns papercut on blue paper ©Fenfolio2017

Once finished I painted the papercut with Golden High Flow Acrylics again in the colours blue, turquoise and sepia.

Coastal Patterns papercut in blue, turquoise and sepia ©Fenfolio2017

Close-up of Coastal Patterns papercut  in blue, turquoise and sepia

Both are hung in an acrylic frame. Hopefully soon I can take some photos while the sun is shining as shadows will be displayed on the wall behind the papercut creating a 3D effect. I will update here then. My friend is delighted with the pieces and that makes me happy too!