Friday, 30 August 2013

North East Open Studios (4)

Most of you who follow my blog already know that I take part in North East Open Studios every year. This time I've found a different venue, The Creamery, where I will also run my art workshops from October this year (more info on my website

The poster I designed is now being distributed. There is still lots to do, even finishing some new work, but I'm really excited about the event and I think it will be as successful as previous years! I know some of you won't be able to make it along but I will post some photos afterwards to give you an idea how it was.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Artistic Explorations: Colour & Texture (1)

Every year I look forward to the Fabric of the Land exhibition which takes place in the Geology Faculty of Aberdeen University. It explores the link between art and science and gives artists the opportunity to create pieces inspired by characteristics of the physical landscape. This year I submitted a painting which was derived from the colours and textures of minerals. Before I started though, I did some research and found some excellent pictures that would be the perfect reference during the creation process.

Iridescent Hematite/Goethite
Copyright: Mark Streeter

Petrified Rocks
Copyright: Frank Townsley

Copyright by DansPhotoArt

Copyright: Unknown
Source: Pinterest

Iridescent Goethite
Copyright © C.R. Carnein

Iridescent Hematite
Copyright: Unknown
Source: Pinterest

For each MDF panel I used metallic acrylics from Old Holland and different acrylic mediums from Golden to represent a particular texture. Unfortunately the beautiful iridescence of the paint can't be seen from a monitor.

Mineral Series, Top Left
Acrylics and soft gel gloss

Mineral Series, Top Right
Acrylics, molding paste and crackle paste

Mineral Series, Bottom Left
Acrylics, molding paste and clear granular gel

Mineral Series, Bottom Right
Acrylics, molding paste and extra coarse pumice gel

This is my final piece "Mineral Series". It hasn't been selected for the exhibition unfortunately, but it will be shown during my own exhibition at North East Open Studios which will start 14 September.