Monday, 11 August 2014

Fabulous Fabric: French Fat Quarter Apron

For my mum's birthday earlier this year I sewed an apron from fabric which I bought online and found in a charity shop. The theme I chose for the fabric was French, as she is a retired French teacher. While searching for a good pattern I stumbled upon this and used it for my project:

I really enjoyed this creative project: from sourcing the fabric, finding the right pattern, deciding about which fabrics to combine and how, measuring and cutting (my fabric was not in a FQ size) and assembling on my sewing machine. And it looks quite cute too, I think!

French Fat Quarter Apron

Detail fabric

The pockets are finished off with a lace trim

Detail pocket

Top of apron

Fabric gathered in front of apron

Detail fabric

The back of the apron is lined with black muslin.

I used Fuse-A-Web for the skirt to cover the seams of the fat quarters

Added fabric to the end of the waist ties

Added fabric to the end of the waist ties

But most importantly, my mum was very happy with her present as you can see here!