Sunday, 6 May 2012

Artistic Explorations: Digital Art (1)

Weeks before my phone contract expired, I did some research about  various mobile phones to see which one would suit me best. Well, it didn't take long before I chose the Iphone 4s. Since a few weeks I've been learning all about apps and how to make the most of this small technical wonder. Especially the creative opportunities are numerous and the results are impressive. The camera on it works really good, but is even better with some dedicated photo apps. And the photo sharing site Instagram offers a wealth of inspiration so I'm now officially addicted!

These are my first images I've taken with my phone. You don't need to have an iphone yourself to follow my iphone portfolio. Just subscribe with your email address at and you will receive updates once I've uploaded new images. 

Lyndhurst garden in vintage style

Wood sculpture "Cuddle" by Jaap Sinke

Wood texture I

Wood texture II

Pattern I