Thursday, 21 October 2010

Preparations for my first exhibition

The last few weeks I have been very busy preparing a portfolio of work to submit for the Deeside Art Exhibition in the Milton Art Gallery which will take place from 29 October until 14 November. It will be the first where my paintings (instead of photos) will be displayed so I'm quite curious how it will be received by the public.

Before I started, I first experimented a lot to get the right concept. It included playing with the airbrush which I got for my birthday recently. I have always been inspired by digital artwork and I used vector designs as sketch. Then acrylic ink was applied on yupo paper (synthetic). With air from the airbrush extra shapes were created on top of the basic design. All four prints have been mounted (16" x 12").

Swirly Plant 1

Swirly Abstract 1

Swirly Flowers 1

Forest Abstract