Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mind and Memory Art Show Aberdeen

Recently I submitted two experimental pieces for the Mind and Memory Art Show, organised by Aberdeen Artists Society and hosted by Aberdeen Dementia Resources Centre. I'm delighted that both have been accepted!

A very broad interpretation of mind and memory could be taken, for example considering brain activity and structure in terms of figurative or abstract landscapes to dreams, hallicunation, fantasy and realism from development to degeneration.

This brief and browsing on Pinterest gave me lots of ideas and I decided to create two sculptural works. It was risky because I have just started exploring the 3D approach, but I thought "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

Mind Map is created with Dutch maps which I painted with Golden High Flow and then cut with a scalpel and punching tools. It consists of 4 different layers (incl. background) which have been pinned down on cardboard.

I submitted the following statement:
This piece is my interpretation of how our brain is structured. It's a cross section of the three brain layers. Each layer shows a different cell pattern and colour. The tracks, roads and waterways on the maps correspond with interconnections between the cells. The size is A4.

Mind Map ©Fenfolio2017

Close-up Mind Map ©Fenfolio2017
For Reminiscence I printed old handwritten letters from my family, old photos from Aberdeen and and old map onto tracing paper. These were then framed into metallic curtain grommets and pinned down on a handmade and embossed print (which didn't have enough ink), subtly rubbed with some graphite to reveal the textures.

I submitted the following statement:
Snippets of memories in the form of old (family) photos and letters are popping up from a fading grey and textured background which represents the brain activity and structure of a patient. Although some patents might have lost their long term memory, going back to the past could help their loved ones and caretakers in dealing with the disease.

Reminiscence ©Fenfolio2017

Close-up Reminiscence ©Fenfolio2017

Close-up Reminiscence ©Fenfolio2017

The exhibition will take place at Aberdeen Dementia Resources Centre in Kings Street and opens on the 8th of March, 6-9 pm. It will run until the 7th of April, Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. In this press release in one of the local papers you can read more about it.