Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Artistic Explorations: Photography, Print and Paint (1)

For a while I have been playing with the idea to combine my photography and painting skills into one art piece. When Jack Tierney Gallery in Cults announced they were looking for new work for their exhibition "Spring", I knew this was the time to actually do it!

"Star of Bethlehem" is a combination of a photograph I took many years ago, then printed off at home onto Unryu paper I bought at a specialist shop, added some stamping underneath the translucent paper and it was all finished off with a brush and acrylics. The MDF board measures 9 x 9 " (about 23 cm). It's currently displayed in the gallery.

I loved working with Asian paper which is delicate but strong at the same time. The possibilities are limitless so I'm looking forward to create new paintings like this, perhaps even with paper I made myself!

Star of Bethlehem ©Fenfolio 2013

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Art workshops (1)

It's been almost three months since I last posted an article here but now I'm ready to share my experience of running art workshops! As it was a complete new venture for me it took quite some time to prepare the weekly classes. We're now almost at the end of the second module (8th week) and my students have already created wonderful things with various materials such as acrylics, acrylic medium, plaster filler, ink, palette knife, cloth, cling film, dried flowers and leaves, netting and fabric. I couldn't have asked for a better goup; they are very enthusiastic, creative, sociable and focussed so that makes it a lot easier for me.
Here's an impression of what they have done:

Experimenting with manmade materials

Experimenting with medium

On the 3rd of March I organised a mixed media art workshop for 10 women during a women's retreat. Most of them didn't have any experience with painting and/or collage and after two hours they had created an inspirational art piece on canvas. The feedback from participants and the main organiser was very positive so I'm invited to do it again in May!