Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Artistic Explorations: Commission Ythan Estuary

It's been 6 months since I wrote my article Artistic Explorations: Relief which was about how I prepared for a painting that was commissioned by friends. Because of the house renovation that lasted for 5 months (we have just moved our furniture back in), it was sometimes quite difficult to focus my attention onto my artwork. But finally I've finished the painting, it was displayed during NEOS and now it's delivered to a very happy customer! It's been a long but very rewarding process and I wanted to share it with you here.

The brief: 
The subject would be Ythan Estuary because the customer lives across this magnificent nature reserve. I also knew where it would be hung so I had an idea of the size. As they had seen my work last year I had an idea of what style they liked. Texture was definitely something that had to be included in the final work.

The concept:
To get an idea of how I could make a representation of Ythan Estuary, I took my camera and tried to tune in the environment, feel the atmosphere and really SEE what was going on. Back home I created a file in Photoshop with a selection of images that would the dynamics of this area.

Photographs Ythan Estuary ©Fenfolio2012

Study in 3D
To get a feel of textures and shapes found at the estuary, I selected 4 images and replicated these in a relief by using plaster filler, pallet knife, shapers and gesso on MDF. 

Tide & Dune Relief ©Fenfolio2012

The sketch

Sketch in watersoluble pencils ©Fenfolio2012

The painting
Materials used: Indian paper, golden paper, Golden light molding paste, sand from the estuary, shapers, pallet knife, acrylics, 3 canvas panels each 61 x 46 cm. Total size of painting including frame: 195 x 54 cm.

The first layers ©Fenfolio2012

Dune Formation detail with paint and sand ©Fenfolio2012

Dune Formation triptych painting ©Fenfolio2012