Friday, 8 April 2011

Artistic explorations: Abstraction (1)

Looking back at my time when I started my photography business PictureNature, I realise I was already unconsciously interested in abstract shapes. Take for example this close-up of a fern I captured in the Winter Gardens of Aberdeen's Duthie Park.

Close-up Fern ©Fenfolio2007

It was a reasonable image but too straightforward in my opinion, so I experimented with the bold lines by playing with the distort filter in Photoshop CS3. I was very happy when I finally produced this image. So happy in fact, that it's now Fenfolio's official logo.

Fenfolio Logo @Fenfolio2007
My creative process was not finished though. A few weeks ago I wanted to make a new painting and I didn't have to think long about what subject I would choose this time. The colours and shapes of the fern would be very suitable for using designer's gouache this time, so eventually a close-up photo of a fern has now become an abstract but non-digital interpretation of this beautiful plant!

Fen's Fern ©Fenfolio2011

The framed painting will be submitted for the Aberdeen's Annual Art Exhibition at the Art Gallery which starts the 30th of April and ends the 28th of May. Hopefully it will be accepted!
Notecards with this design are now available in my online shop and also in Buchanan's Bistro at the Barn very soon.

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