Monday, 25 April 2011

Artistic explorations: Gouache (1)

It was only a few weeks ago when I learned about designers gouache paint and instantly I loved it! The opaque water based paint is a great medium to create vibrant artwork in solid colours and very suitable for abstract paintings. That's why I probably like it so much and want to use it more often.

Here are my first paintings I made with gouache:

Magnificent Mountain ©Fenfolio2011

Retro Graphics ©Fenfolio2011

 The framed painting below was shown at the Balmoral Exhibition, but only briefly because I just heard it's sold! It's wonderful if an artist enjoys the creative process, but the icing on the cake really is when other people enjoy the painting so much that they buy it. This is just what I needed in my preparation for North East Open Studios in September.

Linn of Dee Tree ©Fenfolio 2011

I made this painting with the help of one of my photos I took while wild camping near Derry Lodge in the Cairngorms after a 10-hour walk. An unforgettable experience, especially because it was one of the hottest days in 2006.

Silhouette of Scottish Pine ©Fenfolio2006

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