Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kayak paradise on our doorstep

Spring has finally arrived and temperatures even sored to 16 degrees along the North East coast on Sunday. With hardly any wind or swell forecasted, it was time for us to do a local kayak trip again. This time we chose to start from Cove, south of Aberdeen, where I never had set off before. Lucy, our neighbour who introduced us to sea kayaking in 2008, joined us. It was a magnificent journey and it was hard to believe that this beauty was so easily accessible with just half an hour's drive away! We saw many razorbill, guillemot and gull pairs settling in on the cliffs, explored a few big caves and enjoyed practicing our rockhopping skills.

Here's a picture story of our adventure on the sea. I hope you now understand why I love sea kayaking so much!

Starting from Cove Harbour, lunch at Portlethen beach and then back again

Leaving Cove Harbour

Fabulous rock features

and inspirational textures for my new paintings!

We found some amazing caves

Exploring the inside of one of the caves

Easy in the afternoon with high tide (shown here), more challenging in the morning with low tide

Peaceful sea

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