Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Weekend in Edinburgh

We had an excellent weekend in Edinburgh; a perfect hotel along Royal Mile for a very friendly price, delicious food (I miss that in Aberdeen!), especially the vegetarian restaurant David Bann, an interesting visit to the Scottish Mining Museum (what a tough life then), a tour along Mary Kings Close (underground medieval alleyways) and cosy pubs, a visit to the National Gallery with paintings from the great masters and to the Queens gallery where we enjoyed the fascinating photography exhibition about the polar expedition by Scott and Shackleton!

Here are a few photos from us;

Unfortunately, I caught a severe stomach flu on Saturday which really came to the surface on Sunday! Vomitting in the car, shitting my pants on the couch (luckily this was at home) and spending hours back and forth to the toilet is not a nice way to end this weekend. After three days with hardly any food and no hunger, I've lost almost 1.5 kg and I'm still not feeling 100 %! I really hope it will be better with Xmas...


  1. You're the second person this month to recommend David Bann... I'll have to get up to Edinburgh next year! I really, really hope you're well for Christmas.

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I'll just have to take it easy and try out your delicious recipes in the New Year.