Thursday, 31 December 2009

Oliebollen & Appelflappen

For the first time, Jaap and I will be spending Hogmanay in Scotland. That would mean not tasting the delicious "oliebollen" en "appelflappen" baked by my mother- and sister-in-law. Making (or buying if you don't fancy spending time in the kitchen and smelling greasy afterwards) and enjoying oliebollen and appelflappen on New Year's eve is a typical tradition in Holland. As emigrated Dutch people not wanting to miss out on this this year, we had arranged for a pack of Koopmans with special oliebollen dough from the Dutch supermarket AH in November when my mum was here. So I just baked my very own for the first time in my life and they have been approved by Jaap (and he knows what is good or not)! I had to be quick before they were gone...

Eet smakelijk and Happy New year!


  1. Those look good - do you have a link to a recipe?

  2. I made these from instant flour in a pack, bought in Holland, but I found this recipe on the internet;
    You can find similar ones if you google "recipe Dutch oliebollen" or "recipe Dutch Donuts". I hope you like them!