Monday, 23 February 2015

Artistic Explorations: Creative sketchbook (2)

In my previous article about Creative Sketchbook I showed a few samples of how to fill blank sketchbook pages with various sketches and mixed media paintings. For a long time I also had the idea of turning unwanted books into a sketchbook. I regularly browse the charity shops in my local village and have found some beautiful vintage publications which I intend to use in the future. During one of my visits I saw this book which appealed to me because of the title "Highland Flora" and the amount of images.

Highland Flora by Derek Rattcliffe

Without any plan I started to gather some materials like dried flowers and plants, scraps of old drawings and paintings, (printed) papers and stamps. I enjoyed the process of creating an interesting composition of all the pieces and transforming the original into an altered book.

Front cover altered book © Fenfolio2015

Front cover altered book © Fenfolio2015

Then I flicked through the pages, looked at the images and text and asked myself "What could I add to this page that would complement what's already there?". For some pages it was easy so I started with these. Below are the altered book pages I have made so far.

Left: graphite rubbing and pen drawing
Right: gesso on top of old film and graphite rubbing
© Fenfolio2015

Left: Lace collage on published photo
Right: dried fern, pencil drawing and graphite rubbing

© Fenfolio2015

Left: gesso and pen drawing on published photo
Right: part of own photo print with drawing in conte
© Fenfolio2015

Left: two of my own photos printed on translucent paper with acrylics
Right: ink, acrylics and pen drawing on published map

Coloured and heated Lutradur fiber on top of published photo
with added pen drawing and some distressed ink on side
© Fenfolio2015

More experimental sketches will be added to the book pages whenever I have the inspiration and time and hopefully one day the original book will be completely unrecognisable!

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