Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Artistic Explorations: Creative sketchbook (1)

Collage and pen drawing ©Fenfolio215

In a few weeks time I'm going to run my new workshop "Creative Sketchbook" at
Woodend Barn in Banchory. Instead of making one mixed media art piece participants will be working in their own sketchbook(s) applying various materials and techniques such as drawing, painting, printing, stamping, collage and stitch to create a unique and personal book. The workshop should give them the opportunity to experiment freely on a smaller scale and to give them ideas to play with at home.

In preparation for this workshop I created many different examples in my own sketchbooks that will hopefully inspire them! 

Printed photos on Unryu paper with pen drawing

Birds in various mixed media techniques ©Fenfolio2015

Various samples of textures for painting "Rythm of the Sea" ©Fenfolio2015

Flower in various mixed media techniques ©Fenfolio2015

Lichen in various mixed media techniques ©Fenfolio 2015

Dandelion drawing ©Fenfolio215

Seedheads drawn with bleech ©Fenfolio2015

Leaf in 6 different ways ©Fenfolio2015

Front cover of my life drawing sketchbook (A3)

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