Tuesday, 14 August 2012

North East Open Studios 2012 (1)

Last year it was the first time I exhibited my artwork for general public during the North East Open Studios and it was a great success! Our collective Artists at the Waldorf was able to show a big variety of artwork from paintings and photography to jewellery and decoupage.

This year I wanted to get involved again so our group got together at the beginning of this year. From 15 until 23 September the Waldorf School will be transformed again into a wonderful art venue, including cafe and live music. I will not only show my new mixed media paintings and digital art prints, but I'm also planning to run informal mixed media workshops and run a demo in how to create digital art on Iphone and Ipad. As this is not enough work already, I'm also responsible for the graphic design and marketing again. I couldn't resist of course, because I just love doing this; keeping the Artists at the Waldorf blog up to date, setting up a dedicated Facebook page and designing the postcard and poster. The postcard is now finished and soon we will be able to distribute the 5,000 copies in the local area together with the official NEOS catalogues. Pff...the coming 4 weeks will be very hectic but I know it will be all worthwile!

Front of postcard

Back of postcard

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