Monday, 23 July 2012

Kayak trip Stonehaven

Last Sunday the conditions were perfect for some caving and rock hopping with our sea kayaks. Together with our neighbours Lucy and Dave we set off from Stonehaven harbour. There was a strong Southwesterly wind, gusts up to a force 5, but we were sheltered  along the North East cliffs. With no swell at all we were able to explore all the stunning caves and watch amazing wildlife from up close.

Sailing boats in Stonehaven Harbour
Stunning caves
Grey seal
Paddling through waterfall

I've been to Stonehaven many times, but this was one of my best trips there so far. It was like we discovered a completely new spot! An already amazing trip was topped by watching two young grey seals swimming close to our kayaks. I took this video while I was in mine. Although there are some blurry shots, I was able to point my underwater camera in the right position most of the time (including rotating my upper body completely to the back) so I'm very pleased with the result. I've added some beautiful music that goes well with the way these seals move in their natural habitat, so don't forget to turn on your speakers!!

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