Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Artistic Explorations: Highland inspiration


Last week we enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Poolewe, North-West Scotland, where we stayed in a very cosy and spacious eco-lodge Coille Bheag with stunning views over Loch Ewe. It inspired me to make a few paintings in acrylics.

Loch Ewe ©Fenfolio2012

Loch Ewe in acrylics ©Fenfolio2012

Loch Ewe, abstract version ©Fenfolio2012

The first few days saw quite good and mild weather. We were able to make a sea kayak trip (the last time was in September 2011) from Cove along the North Coast and explore the rocky shoreline and see some otters!

Kayaking on Loch Ewe ©Fenfolio2012
Going through natural arch ©Fenfolio2012

Making tea with a kelly kettle ©Fenfolio2012

Kayaking along the WWII batteries ©Fenfolio2012

Other days we made long walks such as from Melvaig to Rubh Re lighthouse which has an excellent visitors centre, Flowerdale waterfalls and arboretum near Gairloch and Firemore beach close to the lodge.

Horses in shed ©Fenfolio2012

Rubh Re lighthouse ©Fenfolio2012

Walking along rugged coastline ©Fenfolio2012

Firemore beach ©Fenfolio2012

Whereever we went, I saw something that caught my eye; colours, compositions, textures and shapes in nature, derelict buildings and objects. I'm sure these images will be very useful when I start the photography and art sessions with the youngsters in a few weeks time.

Contrasted branches ©Fenfolio2012

Bark texture I ©Fenfolio2012

Bark texture  II ©Fenfolio2012
Bark texture III ©Fenfolio2012

Bark texture IV ©Fenfolio2012

Bark texture V ©Fenfolio2012

Lichen I ©Fenfolio2012
Lichen II ©Fenfolio2012
Lichen III ©Fenfolio2012
Dereliction I ©Fenfolio2012

Dereliction II ©Fenfolio2012

Dereliction III ©Fenfolio2012
Dereliction IV ©Fenfolio2012
Dereliction V ©Fenfolio2012
Rock shapes I ©Fenfolio2012
Rock shapes I ©Fenfolio2012

Rock shapes II ©Fenfolio2012
Rock shapes III ©Fenfolio2012
Rock shapes IV ©Fenfolio2012

Curved I ©Fenfolio2012

Curved II ©Fenfolio2012

Curved III ©Fenfolio2012

Patched I ©Fenfolio2012

Patched II ©Fenfolio2012

Tide line I ©Fenfolio2012

Tide line I ©Fenfolio2012

Corroded I ©Fenfolio2012

Corroded II ©Fenfolio2012

The last few days of our holiday we saw a lot of rain. More the reason to stay inside, chill-out in our lovely lodge, read some books and and create more paintings. I'm currently working on a relief project which involves powder filler and sandpaper!

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