Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Artistic Explorations: Light (1)

Last weekend I visited Stirling and Glasgow for some cultural attraction, learn about some major historic events that shaped Scotland as it is today and visually treat my eyes with beautiful scenery, architecture and art.

Stained glass window of William Wallace ©Fenfolio2012

The views from the National Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle were fantastic but I was quite surpised  that I was more inspired by the industrial smoke coming out of the factories in the distance than the surrounding hills! It was as if sunlight was creating a painting with smoke into the sky.

Industrial landscape ©Fenfolio2012

The "You, Me, Something Else" exhibition in The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow was very worthwile. This exhibition about sculpture from Glasgow presents exciting examples of current practice in the city by focusing on ten artists who are all at different stages of international careers.. The light installation in the centre of the building was the best in my opinion (unfortunately I couldn't see the name of the artist who made it!).

Light sculpture by an artist in GoMa

Although some of the other installations were interesting, I was most drawn to the shapes and colours of the stained glass windows of the building and the effects it created.

Window I ©Fenfolio2012

Window II ©Fenfolio2012

Window III ©Fenfolio2012

Window IV ©Fenfolio2012

Window V ©Fenfolio2012
Window VI ©Fenfolio2012
Window VII ©Fenfolio2012
Window VIII ©Fenfolio2012

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