Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Artistic Explorations: Layers & Lines (1)

The festive season already seems like a long time ago and life has returned to normal (well, almost). Last week finally saw a great weather spell so I took the opportunity to have a walk, get my head around a new painting friends commissioned me to do and take photos. The fresh air would also help to banish the last remnants of the severe cold I had for several weeks.

My friends live across the Ythan Estuary in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, a stunning part of the Forvie National Nature Reserve. As I'm fascinated by layers, lines and textures I wanted to create a portfolio of images that would show how tide and wind continuously influence the formation of the dune landscape. I'm very happy with the pictures below because they give me the right inspiration on how to tackle this project. Now it's just a matter of completing the very big painting for my husband I started last week! So many ideas and not enough time, sigh.....

Dune shapes ©Fenfolio2012

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