Friday, 9 September 2011

Artistic Explorations: Mixed Media (3)

For my birthday, which was a few weeks ago, I received two wonderful art workshop books from my inlaws written by artist Rolina van Vliet. Both books have already given me plenty of inspiration for making abstract paintings with texture that will keep me busy for the coming years. There was one exercise in particular I just had to do right away because of the gorgeous texture; using kitchen foil with acrylics.

The result is this piece which I've named "Co-existence" because of the very different tonal squares (like borders) but they need the "opposite" side for overall harmony and balance, just like Yin Yang. The painting is made on MDF board and in a wooden frame, size 34 x 34 cm.

Co-Existence ©Fenfolio2011

I've found a few other artists who have used (kitchen) foil in their paintings too. Aren't these corroded colours and effects just wonderful?

Going, Going, Gone ©Linda Stevens

Hidden Identity © DWanabe

Num,ber 4 Dream ©Rinkart

Rhapsody of Colours 31 ©Superstock

Shield ©Penelopemoon

I think I will be using this household product more with my paintings than in the kitchen!

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