Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Artistic Explorations: Mixed Media (2)

In preparation for the Fabric of the Land exhibition, that is themed "The Elements", I created two new paintings.

Geoflow consists of 6 panels, each 40 x 15 cm in size. Each panel represents a natural element whereby I combined the Western (fire, earth, water and air) and Eastern philosophy (Wu Xing; wood, metal, fire, water and earth).

Geoflow © Fenfolio 2011

Canvas panel representing Air ©Fenfolio2011

Canvas panel representing Fire ©Fenfolio2011

Canvas panel representing Earth ©Fenfolio2011

Canvas panel representing Metal ©Fenfolio2011

Canvas panel representing Water ©Fenfolio2011

Canvas panel representing Wood ©Fenfolio2011

Together the panels form a cycle of energy and our planet. I've also applied the elements in each painting by using a lot of texture such as sand from Yell in Shetland  and black lava for Earth, metal foil and embossed cling film for Metal, tissue paper for Air, moulding paste in Wood and Earth and gel medium in Fire and Water. The panels are glued on MDF board measuring 95 x 122 cm. A complete concept description can be viewed via this link Geoflow concept.

For my second painting Rock formation I used rocks (slate, schist, serpentine from Shetland), moulding paste and collage of  a printed photograph that was first treated with inkAid; a coating to fix the ink from the printer onto the paper. I used a free stock image of rock texture. The painting is made on a MDF panel, 45 x 45 cm, and then glued on another MDF panel which is painted white to act as a frame.

Rock Formation © Fenfolio 2011

Close-up of Rock Formation ©Fenfolio2011

Unfortunately my work hasn't been selected for the exhibition, but it will be shown at my stall during North East Open Studios.

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