Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Artistic explorations: Swirls (1)

A few months ago I was playing with my new airbrush and watching how air would move ink on paper. Although I had already collected many digital images of vector art, I didn't have an end result in my mind. Shapes just developed (see examples here). Below are a few free stock images I downloaded to form my idea:

stock image 1

stock image 2

After my attempt with the airbrush, I tried to create swirls with traditional mediums like pen, crayons and ink.

For this one below I first created the background with Caran D'Ache crayons NeoColor II (watersoluble) and then painted a design in black ink on top.

Swirl Mixed Media ©Fenfolio2011

These are some other free stock images but then in black and white:

Stock image 3

Stock image 4

Stock image 5

I then drew some swirly doodles with pen on sketching paper and had lots of fun!

Swirl Doodle 1 ©Fenfolio2011

Swirl Doodle 2 ©Fenfolio2011

Swirl Doodle 3 ©Fenfolio2011

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