Friday, 18 March 2011

Artistic explorations: Geometrical shapes (2)

My previous article about Kandinsky was not enough to do him justice, so last week I browsed the internet to see what other professional and amateur artists have made that was inspired by his work. As mentioned before here, DeviantArt is a fabulous social network for all kinds of artists and is my main source to get ideas for my new projects. Here I found that one of the members was inspired by Kandinsky's "Softened Construction":

© Kandinsky

DeviantArt member FractalEyes then created his fractal interpretation digitally:

© FractalEyes

And this is my own interpretation after seeing the digital interpretation of Kandinsky's work:

© Fenfolio 2011

Gouache, collage and indian ink pen have been combined here on watercolour paper (A4). As everything was done manually and in a time limit (art class), the lines are a bit crooked unfortunately, but this study project has taught me a lot about composition!

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