Sunday, 24 September 2017

National Open Print Exhibition

In spring this year I saw an advert to submit artwork for the National Open Print Exhibition at Bankside Gallery in London and thought: "Why not?". So I decided to send them 6 images of my handmade prints, including my very first artists' book which I wrote about in one of my previous posts. You can understand how excited I was when I heard my book was accepted to be exhibited!

Organic Book by Fenfolio

Organic Book by Fenfolio

Last Tuesday I met my mum in London who came over from The Netherlands just to be at the preview. It was such an amazing experience and lovely to have shared this with her!

Entrance of Bankside Gallery

Catalogue cover

Catalogue page with artists' works

Me and my mum with my artists' book at the preview

Display table

My artists' book on the display table

The preview was very well attended. We met a few other artists and the prize winners were announced (unfortunately I wasn't one of them).

The preview night

The preview night

As it was so busy it was quite difficult to take a good look at all this beautiful artwork so the next day we came back.

Quieter times the day after!

I especially admired the following pieces:

Gull Wing Aeroplane by Stephen Hoskins

Close-up of Gull Wing Aeroplane

Stitched by Eman AlHashemi

Close-up of Stitched

Woman in White III by Naomi Slonims

Tat Kuang Sing VIII by Marianne Ferm

Close-up of aquatint Tat Kuang Sing VIII

Fires of London by Anne Desmet

  The exhibition runs until the 1st of October.

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