Tuesday, 20 September 2016

North East Open Studios 2016 (2)

Wow, wow,wow.......What an amazing NEOS week it was! I'm still buzzing from the whole experience. I would like to thank the Woodend Barn for giving us the opportunity to exhibit in their spacious gallery, the Gallery Committee for sharing their expertise in setting up an exhibition, Kevin Andrew Morris for the great collaboration and Beate Allerton for her beautiful music performance. But most of all I'd like to thank all the visitors who took the time to come along and have a chat with us. Your positive feedback was overwhelming and has given me the reassurance to continue what I love doing!

Below is an impression of our NEOS week in pictures.

Setting up our exhibition ©Fenfolio2016

My work was mainly on the left hand side ©Fenfolio2016

Smaller items for sale on the right ©Fenfolio2016

Kevin's work was inspired by his grandfather who used to work as a ghillie (=a man who attends someone on a hunting or fishing expedition) on the river Dee.

Pebble sculpture by Kevin ©Fenfolio2016

Original items on the right and Kevin's work ("priest", to kill fish)
on the left ©Fenfolio2016

Portrait of his grandfather in terracotta by Kevin

Wooden blocks made from ceramics by Kevin ©Fenfolio2016

Ceramics by Kevin ©Fenfolio2016

Ceramics and original items by Kevin ©Fenfolio2016

Ceramics by Kevin ©Fenfolio2016

Ceramics by Kevin and woodturned fish by his grandfather ©Fenfolio2016

Stags from terracotta with WWII medals by Kevin ©Fenfolio2016

Fiddle, hat, tweed and army bag from Kevin's grandfather

On Monday Kevin organised a workshop where plates, vases and cups were being decorated with decals. Once they were fired later in the week we could pick them up. Some very exciting results!

Kevin showing how to use decals ©Fenfolio2016

Kevin showing how to place decal on ceramics ©Fenfolio2016

 On Wednesday I organised a Creative Sketchbook workshop.

Experimenting with various mediums ©Fenfolio2016

Participants used old books to paint and collage in

Everyone was in the zone and it was completely silent  ©Fenfolio2016

Covering blank sketchbook pages with ink ©Fenfolio2016

This participant was inspired by womens fashion ©Fenfolio2016

Example of what you can do with an old book for children  ©Fenfolio2016

The tutor had an easy task with this creative group! ©Fenfolio2016

My task is to encourage and reassure the participants in their
individual creative journey ©Fenfolio2016
Such an exciting double page in a sketchbook!

Collage, stamping and drawing on a map of Aberdeenshire

In just two hours they completely transformed their sketchbook!

Write, draw, paint and collage

During the week we received a visit from Woodend Barn's photographer who is responsible for the marketing of all their events. For the first time I had a professional photo shoot! I felt a bit uncomfortable at the start as I'm normally behind the camera, but once I had the idea of practicing one of my yoga poses, I was more relaxed! Thank you Graeme MacDonald for the wonderful images.

Upside down and incognito in between my two assemblages

With one of my figurative drawings
A bit posed but it will do for the marketing!

Me in front of a figurative painting

The moment I heard I was accepted to exhibit in this gallery I knew I had to work hard to fill the big white walls. I wanted to show a variety of work and mediums such as handmade prints, digital prints, mixed media drawings and paintings and assemblages (for the very first time!) but mainly all themed around nature and texture. It's a risk because it could have been too much for the visitor but luckily it was all very well received. I even sold a few pieces (see below) and may have a commission or two!

Stripped & Stitched; asssemblage of birch bark and dried leaves
handstitched ©Fenfolio2016

Close-up of assemblage ©Fenfolio2016

Close-up of assemblage ©Fenfolio2016

Close-up of assemblage ©Fenfolio2016

Botanical Pattern; papercut by hand in acrylic frame ©Fenfolio2016

Flow of the Dee; mixed media painting ©Fenfolio2016

Ecotone; drypoint print with embossing ©Fenfolio2016

Close-up of print and embossing ©Fenfolio2016

Highland Cottage; collagraph print in handpainted frame ©Fenfolio2016

 So that leaves me with just one thing......

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