Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Artistic Explorations: Figurative study (3)

My latest work I created during the Figurative Study course at Grays School of Art is called "Contemplation".

Figure painting "Contemplation" ©Fenfolio2015

First I collected scraps of paper which I covered with acrylic paint leftover after each art session (because I don't want to waste anything!). Over the years I had quite a pile! I used this as a collage background and glued it on an A2 greyboard. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of this. It was relatively dark, highly textured due to the layers of paint and had a wide variety of strong colours. Once dry and in the classroom I painted the model in acrylic paint and gesso. I painted the negative space around her first with gesso, then added dark and light tones in the model.

Close-up of "Contemplation" ©Fenfolio2015

Close-up of "Contemplation" ©Fenfolio2015

Close-up of "Contemplation" ©Fenfolio2015

This process of starting with a very busy background and then "pulling" the model out, is really up to my street because it's very liberating! More will follow here soon...

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