Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Artistic Explorations: Print, collage and stitch

On the 21st of September it's World Peace Day and the owner of The Creamery, where I run my art workshops, had invited people to contribute to her project "Patchwork Collaborations". Last Sunday was the kick off and next year a huge banner will be presented with all kinds of creations from the community, from drawings, paintings to craft pieces, small and large.

I submitted this mixed media piece called "Freedom". It contains various pieces of materials such as prints on fabric and handmade paper, an inspirational quote from Nelson Mandela, real lichen, bark and lace. I have also used (free) machine stitching to add more texture to some pieces and to connect separate parts. Then it was glued onto A3 cardboard.

"Freedom" ©Fenfolio2014

A music sheet is put under the printed fabric.
Machine stitching and some iridescent oil bars have been
added on top of printed fabric to add more texture.


Machine stitching and some iridescent oil bars have been
added on top of the printed fabric to create texture.


Nelson Mandela's quote is printed on my own handmade paper
(made from fibers of an old blouse) and then it was stitched to
the printed fabric. ©Fenfolio2014

A macro photograph of lichen printed on fabric.
Then real lichen was glued on top. This piece was finished with
free machine stitching in various colours of thread to add more texture.

This peice is decorated with painted lace. ©Fenfolio2014

A piece of paper with ink and impressed cling film
is the background for this design which was freely sewn on the machine in
gold embroidery thread.

An inverted photograph of a tree printed on handmade paper (purchased).
Then the outlines of the branches were freely sewn with metallic embroidery thread.

A photograph of a tree trunk printed on paper and decorated with
copper stitches for added texture. Then real bark from our birch tree was
stitched to the paper with gold embroidery thread.
Scraps of green fabric have been glued to finish off this piece.

I hope many more people will be inspired to create something for this wonderful project. It can be handed in in person or you can send a photo of your creation by email. More details about the project can be found on The Creamery's Facebook page. You can also contact me and I will put you in touch with the organiser. Happy creating!

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