Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Artistic Explorations: Mixed Media (5)

For his birthday (last year!) my husband asked me to make a vertical triptych painting of birch trees in mixed media with vibrant colours, to be hung on the tall wall along the staircase . He helped me with the concept, such as pealing off real bark from the birch trees in our garden, and also gave me very useful feedback during the creative process so I won't take sole credit for this piece! Finding and then applying the various layers to create the textures of the trees took me much more time than expected. As soon as we heard when our house renovation was going to start, it was the right push to get the painting finally finished. It's currently in storage but it has already been approved by him and we think it will look great once the renovation works has been completed.

Birch triptych ©Fenfolio2012

Each panel is 61 x 31 cm. Used materials: dried birch bark, Asian paper, modelling paste, acrylics.

Close-up top panel

Close-up middle panel

Close-up bottom panel


  1. I love this piece!! its beatiful,the tree roots are especially effective, did you use modelling paste?

  2. Hi Morag, many thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply. Somehow I don't get notifications when someone makes a comment. I used modelling paste, bark (for the tree trunks) and Asian paper (for the roots).