Friday, 16 December 2011

Artistic Explorations: Abstraction (3)

After having watched all episodes of BBC's programme "Frozen Planet", and experienced some beautiful Scottish winter weather the last few days, I was inspired to make a painting that would respresent the freeze-and-thaw cycle in the Arctic that is happening every year, but more dramatically in the last decades due to climate change. The way they captured the shapes of the ice plates and icebergs, the icy blue and turquoise colours and the textures that emerge during the freezing process were just jaw-dropping beautiful!

Online research gave me some good reference how to develop my concept. Here is a selection of images that worked really good for me.


Copyright unknown

©Arise and Rejoice




©Jonas Elmqvist



I finally created this painting called "Ice Formation". It's painted in acrylics on MDF board and the size, including frame, is 61 x 61 cm. The image here shows a frame I created digitally, because the actual frame is currently being made. The rectangular shapes, varying in tones, colour and size, represent the ice plates that are being created by the melting process. The cracks, created by the relief of woodchips, represent the ice crystals that emerge during the freezing process.

This painting has been submitted for BBC's programme "Show me the Monet". Although there is little chance my work will be selected (there will be 3,000 applicants!), it's a nice thought of having one work being inspired by a TV programme and then show it in another one!

Ice Formation ©Fenfolio2011

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