Sunday, 24 January 2010

Kayak trip Gardenstown- Pennan

A high pressure area above Scotland on Saturday gave us the impulse to head North and explore the Moray Coast by kayak. We started from Gardenstown, a beautiful pittoresque village, and paddled to Troup Head which is the largest breeding site for gannets in the UK.

After observing the colonies of gannets, guillemots, razor bills and fulmars breeding on the steep cliffs, we headed to the village Pennan and explored some caves. While I was experimenting with the new waterproof camera (stills and video), Jaap couldn't resist to practice his eskimo roll again. Some of the pics are not the best quality, but that might have to do with the extreme digital zoom I had to use in some cases and being on the water at the same time. I guess it will come with practice!

What I really enjoyed doing was making short videos, especially underwater. This is my first attempt in compiling several short videos into one short movie. I hope you like it!

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