Monday, 6 September 2010

Reflection trio

Today I submitted a painting the My Favorite Tale contest on the artists social network. It's created in acrylics on canvas, including gold, silver and copper and pearlescent medium.
The concept is inspired by one of my photos of a building reflected in water.

My favorite tale is how I started my picture library PictureNature from a passion for photography. In three years time the collection grew enormously and I was working with 60 photographers before the collection was sold to another library. It was a hard decision to step back from something I created from scratch. Looking back, I now realise it has ignited my passion to be creative again. Photography is now a medium to help me develop designs for my paintings. This piece of art symbolizes the way I reflect on the last three years with so many emotional ups and downs. Water is a symbol for emotional wellbeing and also source of life. It acts as a mirror as well, but then showing you things in a different way that might inspire you with new ideas and opportunities. Life is sometimes tough, but if you handle it well and listen to your inner self, you grow stronger and you will be a step closer to your purpose. If I hadn't had to make this tough business decision, I would have never created this work!

Size of each individual piece: 15 x 15 cm.

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