Thursday, 29 April 2010

The start of a new beginning...

Since I posted my last article here, many positive things happened and I now have found the time to share it with you!

As soon as I had decided to stop with the stock library I received an offer from one of the biggest independent libraries in the image industry, Photoshot. They wanted to continue what I had created so PictureNature didn't have to stop after all! I felt quite proud that our collection was chosen to be among the other strong brands they had purchased in the past. After a few visits to London, some negotiation and a visit to my solicitor, it was all formalised end of March. At the moment all of our 13,000 images are being transferred.
Read this press release for more background info.

From now on I will be one of the contributors and can focus my time on the creative process again. Letting go of something I had visualised but not able to realise, has created a new oppportunity which I couldn't have imagined beforehand! It really opened my eyes. The whole process has given me more insight in how to deal with hurdles in life.

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