Monday, 2 July 2018

RSA Open Exhibition of Art

Not long after I delivered my artists' books to the Royal Scottish Academy for the
RSA Open exhibition of Art 2018, I heard both had been selected. As you can imagine I was over the moon with this news! Last week I was able to pop down and see the exhibition for myself.

The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh

My artists' books were displayed amongst a few others behind glass in a display cabinet. I was quite disappointed that only two pages of my book "Woodland" were shown so you couldn't see any of the other prints, the handstitching and the lasercut and laser engraved covers. I can understand why they had to do it like this as so many visitors come and would like to touch it if it wasn't behind glass. I've learnt from this experience and next time I'll probably provide my own display box!
Artists' books are shown here behind glass

Close-up of a few artists' books ("Woodland" on the left)

I was pleased with the way they displayed my other book, "Trees in a box".

Close-up of a few artists' books ("Trees in a box" on the right)

Artists' books, prints, sculptures and paintings in the Finlay room

There was so much artwork to see so I really took the time to take it all in. So many different styles, mediums, subjects....Some grabbed me, inspired me, some didn't do it for me but what I really liked was the way they grouped various artworks together. My goodness, it's a mammoth job to curate such a huge exhibition!

The members' lobby

The members' lobby

The artworks that really stood out for me are below:

"January's Pairing" by Gillian McFarland

"Mearns Triptych" by Robin Palmer

"The Fall No 6" by Simon Ward

"imcaqlaq#183.8" by Joseph Calleja

"The girl in black" by Anne Power

"Bathtub Existentialism" by Joao Villas

The exhibition runs until the 25th of July and takes place at the Lower Galleries of the Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture.  The address is The Mound, Edinburgh, but entry is via Princess Street. Opening times; Mon-Sat 10am- 5pm, Sun 12-5pm. Do pop in if you're in the area!

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